13th District Newsletter

Greetings Brothers of the Tenacious 13th International District; Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you. It is that time of the year when we take time for thanks and to spend time with our friends and family.

On behalf of Brother Dr. Carl Bampoe, District Director of Public Relations, and Brother Dr. Ronnvey Price, 13th District Public Relations Chairman, attached is our 13th District newsletter. These Brothers worked tirelessly to put this together, and I am grateful to see this come to fruition. Many thanks to these good Brothers. I also want to thank those Chapters who submitted articles for our newsletter. We know our articles cannot be posted in the Oracle, but this newsletter is another way of showing our global footprint worldwide.

I would ask that all chapters continue to submit articles for our newsletter and the Oracle. We have some unfinished business and will continue to be in the spotlight across the fraternity.

Thank you, my Brothers, for your service and steadfast support to the 13th International District.

Bro. Tray George
Eleventh 13th District Representative
“Together We Achieve More”


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