Conflict Resolution Symposium

Presenting awareness for mediation and disputing resolution techniques, the 13th International District will host a symposium of informative topics and presentations on October 28, 2023, @ 10:00 am EST.

The 13th District Conflict Resolution Committee would like to equip the brothers of the District with valuable insights and tools to effectively resolve disputes and techniques in the form of a panel to deliver and present ways to cover concerning conflict resolutions in a wide array of environments and situations.

As we know, conflict is inevitable within any relationship or community. Also, with meetings of friends, roommates, coworkers, and even governments, we see how problems or disputes may occur.

We want to implement knowledge and tools to address and help aid conflict healthily and productively, and that is what our symposium hopes to provide with this panel consisting of:

42nd Grand Basileus – Brother Ricky Lewis
Grand Counselor – Brother Clement Osimetha
Conflict Resolution Facilitator – Brother John “JJ” Jones
13th District 1VDR – Brother Darryle Albert
13th District Committee moderator – Brother Albert Jones

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 858 9348 2006
Passcode: 971195


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