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The 12 Commandments of Fatherhood 2024 and forever!

By Dr Franklyn M Malone, Ph.D, CMFT, LSWA, CACII, LEM Founder and CEO the 100 Father’s Inc. (Link to Bio)

As we approach father’s day 2024, it is clear that this day means many different things to many people. This writer wishes to direct this very important cause of the Father back to the commandments of the Aba Father, lest we forget who we are and whose we are.

For those who are unaware of The 100 Fathers Inc. contributions to fatherhood they are numerous. We introduced and shared with President Barack Obama our original program, My Brother’s Keeper in 2014.We are the legislative creators with our former Chairman of the Board Emeritus the late Hon. Judge Arthur Burnette Sr and others as we produced the legislative platform for the DC and Prince George’s County Commissions for Fathers , Men and Boys. We recently stood with Gov Wes Moore and Senator Nick Charles in the recent signing and passage of the Child Custody relocation Act of 2024 in Md that affects 6 million citizens. In 2020 the DC Hall of Fame Society placed our CEO’s name on a Bronze Star at the DC Walk of Fame and in 2023 for our contributions to fatherhood we received the Presidential Volunteer Service Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joseph Biden. That same year the Maryland General Assembly cited our Ceo as a “Living Legend.” Minister Dr. Malone is also the Voice of the DC Chapter of the National Action Network, Lift u Up in Prayer Line Saturdays at 12 noon (Dial in at 717 908 1922 code 631 4645). Dr. Malone currently serves as Assistant Dean for Fatherhood initiatives for Godsu Oved Dei Seminary and University.

The Elements and characteristics of the successful Father must be traced back to the immortal and spiritually divine power of God’s word.

Accordingly, the 12 commandments of fatherhood are shared and listed by scripture for your edification and to God’s Glory.

1) Love (Gen.37:4) Without love a father cannot Father.
2) Command (Gen.50:16) possessing prerogative with specific authority to deserve and receive respect.
3) Instruct (Proverbs 1:8) The one who imparts knowledge to his children
4) GUIDE and Warn (Thessalonians 2:11) To lead and direct past the pitfalls of life.
5) Train (Hosea 11:3) To educate and prepare
6) Rebuke (Genesis 34:30) To give sharp disapproval.
7) Restrain (1Sam.) To hold back from action
8) Punish (Matt18:25) Do not reward wickedness but remember forgiveness.
9) CHASTEN (Hebrews 12:7) Correction moral improvement
10) NOURISH (Isaiah 1:2) To provide a means of growth
11) SUPPLY NEEDS (Matt7;8-11) If your child asks for bread would you give them a stone?
12) Do not Provoke (Eph.6;4) Do not aggravate, incite, annoy these fathering commandments do not change with the times. They fulfill the basic fundamental needs that a responsible, authentic affirming father must bring through leadership by example.

This is not what we are saying, this is the, “word of God.”

If you like what you see then please go to our website https://100fathers.org join us and support our work with a donation of any amount.

Thank you in advance.

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